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86 Mexican Jokes For Every-Juan Who Wants To Taco Break!

Mexicans are known for their very delicious cuisine. Their food is something tourists look forward to every time they visit Mexico. The Mexicans take pride in their food like empanadas, burritos, tacos, nachos, and chili con carne. They are definitely the all-time favorites. You will truly enjoy it with a mix of our funny Mexican jokes.

We hope that these jokes about Mexican that we have compiled will be your favorites too. Come join us and enjoy these collections of good Mexican jokes!

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Funniest Mexican Jokes

If you’re looking to go on a trip to Mexico, you need to pack up these funniest jokes for Mexicans that will make your trip full of fun and excitement! These jokes about Mexico will make you fall in love with Latinos.

What do you say to a nosey Mexican?
That’s Nacho business.

What do you say to a nosey Mexican? That’s Nacho business.

What is the best gift you can give to a Mexican tax preparer on his birthday?
A piñatax.

What is the most positive Mexican city?
WE CANcun.

In what part of Mexico do kangaroos live?

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How is a dyslexic Mexican called?

Three Mexicans try to cross the border legally when the border guard sees only one of them has the correct papers.
Only Juan crossed.

Why did the Mexican install a mousetrap?
Tequila mouse.

What is a burrito image with a bad resolution?
A blurrito.

How do you pay in Mexican stores?
In MexiCASH.

What is the best transportation in Mexico?
In MexiCAR.

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What is the best transportation in Mexico? In MexiCAR.

How do you call a relaxed Mexican?

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How is a Mexican slut called?
María Hoesé.

What is Santa Claus called in Mexico?

Why is Mexican ice cream spicy?
Because it was chili in the freezer.

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How do you discuss something with a Mexican?
You TACO-ver it.

What’s the difference between a French and a Mexican?
French say Oh lá lá, Mexicans say just Hola.

What is the best way to pay in Mexico?
With a Juan-time payment.

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How do you call a Mexican spy?
Agent GarCIA.

How do you call a Mexican spy Agent GarCIA.

What Greek God exists in Mexican culture?

How do Mexican scientists measure matter?
In moles.

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How do Mexicans drink soda?
In MexiCANS.

Why do Mexicans have Netflix?
For Netflix and chili.

How do you call a spider piñata?

How do Mexicans pay taxes?
With a piñatax.

How do Mexicans pay taxes? With a piñatax.

What’s the difference between American hot dogs and Mexicans?
Americans make hot dogs, Mexicans chili dogs.

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Why don’t Mexicans like high places?
They have vertaco.

Two Mexicans are hiding a dead body when they find that place is already used.
One of them finds another spot “We should burrito-ver there”.

Name three Mexican bands: Juan Direction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, twenty Juan pilots

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What is the name of the Mexican Mac&cheese version?

At what sport are Mexicans best?
Border crossing.

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What is the name of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing in Mexico?
Border Crossing.

The best pop girl group song in Mexico is “Tijuana be my lover” by the Spice Girls.

There’s a Spiderman character inspired in Mexico: Mary Jane.

There’s a Spiderman character inspired in Mexico: Mary Jane

How did you know she was Mexican?
Chili-terally told me she is.

Why do Mexicans always have a wheel of cheddar?
In queso-f emergencies.

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I took a sweater on my vacation to Mexico.
It said it would be Mexi-cold and chili that week.

What is doing a Mexican with a Lamborghini?
Playing GTA.

Why couldn’t the Mexican actor get a role in the movie?
The drug dealer was already taken.

Why do Mexicans envy chicken?
Because the chicken could cross the border.

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My last girlfriend married a Latino.
Now she is M-EX-ican.

My last girlfriend married a Latino. Now she is M-EX-ican.

How do you call a Mexican restaurant with live music?

Why did the Mexican give you his number?
So you can taco-ver the phone.

Why do Mexicans put a Justin Bieber photo in their quesadilla?
Just-in queso.

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What is Shakira’s most famous song in Mexico?
Waka Waka-mole.

I participated in a car race in Mexico.
My Carlos.

Who is the richest man in Mexico?
Jeff Pesos.

I went to see a soccer match in Mexico.
It ended tied Juan to Juan.

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I traveled to Mexico in a boat.
It was a Vera-Cruise.

I traveled to Mexico in a boat. It was a Vera-Cruise.

What do Mexican marines say to their superiors?
Sea señor.

What do Mexicans say when it is cold?

I’m decided to visit Mexico before I die.
I’ll go Juan way or another.

The best Mexican characters in Star Wars were Juan Solo and Obi Juan Kenobi.

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A Mexican thinks his wife has an affair but she says he is the only Juan.

One Mexican told another: I need to tell you something important.
So the other said: We should taco-bout it later.

One Mexican is worried his girlfriend doesn’t answer so his friend tells him “Stop being all jalapeño head about this”

How do Mexicans laugh?

How do you know when a Mexican is being nosey?
When he starts getting jalapeño business.

Why you can’t trust a taco chef?
Because they will spill the beans.

Why you can’t trust a taco chef? Because they will spill the beans.

What is the Mexicans favorite 90s band?
Red hot chili peppers.

I visited my Mexican friend but when I knocked on the door it seemed there was no Juan there.

They are looking for a Mexican actor.
The post says “AnyJuan interested come to the audition this Monday”

There is a Mexican party.
EveryJuan will be there.

My Mexican girlfriend makes delicious quesadillas.
Cheese a great cook.

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How do you call a Mexican ant?

What is Aztecs favorite sauce?

What is Aztecs favorite sauce? Mayannaise.

That Mexican movie es Juanderful.

The best part of the Mexican zoo was the penJuans.

This Mexican guy won’t stop talking to me.
I said “I’m nacho friend” but he doesn’t taco seriously.

“We could make a road trip to Mexico, you avocadon’t you?”

What is 6.022 x 10²³ in Mexico?
The Avocado number.

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How do Mexicans sneeze?

The uber driver was Mexican and didn’t speak any English.
The whole way was guac-ward.

I said at a Mexican restaurant “My quesadilla has too much cheese”.
Then the waiter said “O-Que, so that’s the way it is supposed to be”

This Mexican place is awesome.
It’s nachos another restaurant.

This Mexican place is awesome. It’s nachos another restaurant.

Funny Mexican Puns

Mexicans are good and humorous people. That’s why we’ve come up with these funny Mexican puns for you to have a great and joyful day!

Most bakers open tortilla factories for some extra dough.

The taco chef had to stop cooking in the competition because he was out of thyme.

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When aliens invade Mexico and steal tacos, it becomes a hostile taco-ver.

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If you do not enjoy eating tacos, I’m warning you that I am nacho type.

You can never trust tacos because they always spill the beans.

A beautiful lady who loves eating Mexican food is known as a Taco Belle.

The taco bell employee could not come to work because he had a bad queso measles.

When the taco friends shared their numbers, all they did was taco-ver the phone.

A nacho’s favorite type of dance has to be salsa.

In South America, they eat a lot of nachos with some Chile on the side.

The Mexican food told his lover, “You guac my life!”

Most jokes about the nachos are usually very cheesy.

Most jokes about the nachos are usually very cheesy - funny mexican jokes


We’re all unique, and that uniqueness should be recognized. It also doesn’t rule out the possibility of finding humor in those distinctions or that it’s inappropriate to laugh at legitimately amusing Mexican jokes, as long as they’re not insulting. Having these Mexican funny jokes around can make your world much better.

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