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Science is a heavy topic, too heavy that it needs an entire post of its own. Regardless if you’re a student or a teacher, you need some science jokes in your brain ready to be pulled out in case of a scientific emergency! See the pun there?

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Science Jokes for Students

Don’t space out during class hours. Don’t sleep on your teacher’s watch! Keep your cells alive with all these science jokes you can share among your classmates, lab partners, and more!

Q: Why did the cloud date the fog?

A: He was so down to earth.

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Why don’t ants get sick?

Because they have little Anty Bodies.

Q: Why are chemists so good at solving problems?

A: They’re always working with solutions.


Thoughtfully holding test tubes aloft for no apparent reason since 1846.

Q: What did one tectonic plate say when he bumped into another?

A: Sorry! My Fault.

math puns are the first sine of madness.

Newton’s  first law 

A body at rest wants to stay at rest.

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Q: What did the infectious disease say when the bartender refused him service?

A: Well, you’re not a very good host.

Q. Why did the germ cross the microscope?

A. To get to the other slide!

Beware of dieting advice that recommends “light eating”

That is how you become a back hole.

Two chemists go into a bar.

The first one says: “I think I’ll have an H2O.”

The second one says:  “I think I’ll have an H2O too”

— and he died.

what do you call an educated tube?

A graduated cylinder.

funny and pun science jokes

What did the 30-degree angle say to the 90-degree angle?

You think you’re always right!

Q. Why is a moon rock tastier than an Earth rock?

A. It’s a little meteor.

Atom: I’d like to report a missing electron.

Police Officer: Are you sure?

Atom: Yes, I’m positive!

Science Jokes for Teachers

Teachers need to break the ice every once in a while to keep the class interesting, especially in Science class. We all know how science can get difficult at times and we all just want to take a nap, excuse ourselves and go to the loo, or just be somewhere except the classroom! Arm yourself with all these science jokes to keep your students at the edge of their seats.

Never trust an atom 

They make up everything.

I was reading a book on helium.

I couldn’t put it down

I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation.

A neutron walks into a bar and asks the bartender how for a drink

For you, no charge.

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The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.

-Robert M. Hutchins

A photon checks into a hotel and asked if he needs any help with his luggage.

” No, I’m traveling light.”

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

-Mark Van Doren

You must be made of Fluorine, Iodine, and Neon because you’re so FINE.

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Q. How does the moon cut his hair?

A. Eclipse it!

Q. Why did the germ cross the microscope?
A. To get to the other slide!

Science Knock Knock Jokes

Looking for a great way to start your class? Science jokes are good for you. Try these knock-knock jokes with your students and co-workers. Share the joke and triple the fun!

Knock Knock

Who’s There? Ohms!

Ohms who?

Sherlock Ohms at your service…

Knock Knock Who’s There? Doctor

Doctor who?

That’s my favorite science fiction show, how did you know?

Knock Knock Who’s There? Saturn!

Saturn who? I sat on my phone or I would’ve called.

Knock Knock Who’s There?


Doctor who?

That’s my favorite science fiction show, how did you know?

Knock Knock Who’s There?


Cotton who?

Cotton a trap, can you help me out.

Knock Knock Who’s There?


Juicy who?

Juicy (did you see) last night’s episode of the Big Bang Theory?

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Biology Jokes

Biology is an entire subject all on its own! Although under the umbrella of Science, Biology still has some of the best jokes in the Science land. Ream more Biology jokes here!

“When you breathe, you inspire, and when you do not breathe, you expire.”

– Confucius

Q: How do you make a hormone?
A: Don’t pay her.

Why are Helium, Curium, and Barium the medical elements?

Because if you can’t heal-ium or cure-ium, you bury-um.

Which Biochemicals Wash Up on Beaches?


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What Is Blood’s Message to the World?

B Positive.

What do You Call a Member of the Financial Staff of the Faculty of Biology?

A. buy-ologist.

Q: What does DNA stand for?

A: National Dyslexics Association


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