69 FUNNY Cheese Puns and One-Liners That Are So Gouda!

69 FUNNY Cheese Puns and One-Liners That Are So Gouda!

Who doesn’t love cheese? Swiss cheese, feta cheese, cheddar cheese – the choices are endless of our favorite cheeses! That is why we won’t be surprised that it is used in a lot of recipes. We have a couple of brie-llantly good cheese puns that will totally make you laugh. Cheese is comfort food for most of us, and not only can it satisfy your cravings, but it can also make you feel good with the puns that we have compiled!

Come along and enjoy some of these extra hilarious cheese puns! You may also check our funny cheese jokes while you are it. 

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Funny Cheese Puns

Being lactose intolerant is such a drag! You may not have the chance to enjoy the real cheese, but you can still have a bite of these funny puns about cheese. 

How can you make a mouse smile?
Say cheese!

How can you make a mouse smile

Just take it cheesy.

Why was the cheese feeling so happy and optimistic?
Because it’s gouda brie a good day.

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What did the piece of cheddar say to the ghost?
Don’t scare me—I’m Lac-ghost intolerant!

Why is Christmas considered the cheesiest holiday?
Because of baby cheese-us!

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Where would you find cottage cheese on a restaurant’s menu?
Under the a la curd section!

Talk to you later.
I gouda go.

What do you call a monk who steals a grilled cheese sandwich right off the griddle?
Out of the frying pan and into the friar.

Who betrayed Cheesus Christ?

Why was the guy afraid to tell his crush a joke about gouda?
Because it would have been too cheesy.

Why did the cheese get promoted?
He did a really gouda job at work.

Why can’t you trust cheddar cheese?
Because it’s no gouda.

Why can’t you trust cheddar cheese

Cheese Puns One Liners

Hey, cheese lovers! Don’t go anywhere yet because we still have more best cheese puns for you. Enjoy and get entertained with these GRATE puns that we have put together.

Got to brie-live in magic.

I’m grateful for your presence.

Let’s pray to cheese-us everyday.

What is a good punny cheese shop name?

It’s really gouda to have you here.

It’s a gouda sign.

Gouda luck on your studies!

Life’s so gouda.

We have more for you. This might sound so cheesy, but I think you are really grate.

We have more for you. This might sound so cheesy, but I think you are really grate

I swiss you the best.

I hope you have a hole lot of fun.

She’s my soul swisster.

I Swiss you the best in your future endeavors!

Ummm, excuse me. This is nacho thing.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

I’m nacho ordinary girl.

That’s nacho problem anymore.

It’s still nacho time.

Don’t touch that. They’re nachos—they’re mine!

Don’t touch that. They’re nachos—they’re mine

Cheese Puns Pick Up Lines

We don’t want to sound cheesy but the list is not complete without these cheesy puns. There are many ways to win a girl and one of them is making her smile. So, why not banter these subtle cheese puns for more laughs?

I don’t want to impose but I think you really gouda together! 

We would be gouda together.
Unless we’re both lactose intolerant. Then we’d just be better together.

You’re sharp as cheddar.
For those who value the mind over the body.

Say cheese!
Are you taking a picture? Have you used so many pick-up lines that it’s just unclear?

I promise I’m more attractive than a munster.
It’s pretty hard to be more attractive than cheese though. Like. It’s cheese. Come on.

Will you brie mine?
Hopefully you or your date don’t have an ex named Brie or something. About 2% of people might have it as their first name so… you do the math.

I like cheese.
Everyone likes cheese.
Now you have something in common.

I like cheese. Everyone likes cheese

Do you like your dates like you like your cheese?
Smelly. Yes, that’s why we smell. No other reason.

Don’t leave me provolone.
Especially when we can eat the cheese provo-together.

I’m grate in bed.
Don’t bring the cheese grater. Sounds painful.

Netflix and curdle?
This sounds kind of gross outside of the cheese context.

I said to my wife, I’m really fondue you.
Absence makes the heart grow fondue

Mozzarella Cheese Puns

Looking for more puns? Mozzarella cheese is a must-try! It is not only good, but it is also healthy. It is a good source of calcium and other minerals that supports teeth and bone health! Take some time to read these puns while enjoying your pizza full of mozzarella.

What do you call a row of people lifting mozzarella?
A cheesy pickup line.

What do you call a row of people lifting mozzarella

I have a recipe for salmon with mozzarella on top.
I call it salmonella.

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Last night, I watched a documentary about mozzarella cheese.
It was G-rated.

If the French President started producing mozzarella, it could be considered…
Macronian cheese

This sub reminds me of a mozzarella stick.
Without the cheesiness it’d be empty inside.

What do you call a maid who goes to a fancy dance in a meatball?

Did you hear disney is announcing a new princess?
Mozzarella, she’s italian.

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What do you call single cheese?

What if Cinderella was a baking slave instead of a cleaning slave
Would her name be ‘Mozzarella’?

What if Cinderella was a baking slave instead of a cleaning slave

Blue Cheese Puns

Blue cheese has an interesting smell. Some love them, but some find it disgusting. Well, let us not argue about that. Better yet, let’s have some fun and share these blue cheese puns with friends. 

I want to grow mold with you.
Just like blue cheese!

The saddest of all the cheeses is the blue cheese.

My wife spent years perfecting blue box macaroni and cheese.
It took a long time, but she finally honed her Kraft.

I like all cheeses, those blue ones, those aged ones, even those sliced ones…
but why does Trump want to make America grate again?

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How do you spot a cultured Redditor?
They grow their own blue cheese.

My sister asked if Maytag Blue Cheese was part appliance.
I told her it was a bit drier.

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What kind of cheese is B.B King?
Blues Cheese.

What kind of cheese is B.B King

Queso Puns

Queso, also known as white cheese, is popular in Mexico. It has a way of making their quesadillas and chiles rellenos more flavorful! You will surely love it together with the queso puns we have for you.

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I bought two jars of queso instead of one…
The other one is just in queso-mergency.

Queso is the perfect food for socialists….
’cause everybody chips in!

When I was visiting Mexico, I found it strange that they would keep cheese in their first aid kits.
Turns out it was just there in queso emergency.

I just had some cheese dip and got an upset stomach.
Turns out it was a bad queso gas.

I just had some cheese dip and got an upset stomach


Earlier today, my friend was in the kitchen and spilled hot queso all over her feet.
Guess she had Tostitos.

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Why do Mexicans have a secret cheese stash?
In queso emergency.

A Mexican went to a Halloween party dressed as a yellow triangle.
Someone asked, Are you cheese? The Mexican replies, I queso.

Why did the man carry cheese dip with him?
In Queso emergency…… I should go to bed…

What did the tomato say to the cheese in court?
I rest my queso.

What did the tomato say to the cheese in court

Extra: Funny Cheese Names

It is interesting that many of us don’t know all the cheese names. To tell you frankly, we also don’t! So, here are some of the funny cheese names for your amusement. 

  1. Gouda
  2. Camembert
  3. Chèvre
  4. Brie
  5. Gruyère
  6. Roquefort
  7. Manchego
  8. Mascarpone
  9. Asiago


You made it to the end! We know that you love these cheese puns as much as you love your mozzarella sticks. These hilarious cheese puns jokes are the best appetizer! Remember to share with friends and families. 

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