85 HILARIOUS Fruit Jokes That Are Berry Funny

Everyone loves fruits, especially when they are fresh from the harvest. We all know that fruits are good for our bodies. Plus, it all tastes good. That’s why the kids love it. But I bet you will also like these fruit jokes that we’ve compiled. So sit back and relax as you giggle and laugh at these hilarious jokes!

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Funny Fruit Jokes for Kids

We have some berry funny fruit jokes that are perfect for kids! It is tough to make kids eat healthy foods, so why not insert some fruit jokes to make them interested. So take a look at these jokes about fruit for kids. 

Why did the man get fired from the orange juice factory?
He just couldn’t concentrate!

Why did the man get fired from the orange juice factory

Last night I dreamt I was swimming in an ocean of orange lemonade,
it was a Fanta-sea!

Why are oranges the fastest fruit?
They never run out of juice!

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I just found out I’m colourblind…
That diagnosis came completely out of the orange!

I’ve got a great idea for an orange peeling machine,
I hope it bears fruit!

What do you call a bunch of strawberries playing instruments together?
A jam session!

Which fruit always feels sad?
A blue-berry!

Why can’t you make a crumble with 3.14 blackberries?
Because that would be a pie!

How do you fix a broken berry?
With a strawberry patch!

How do you fix a broken berry

A lorry full of berries crashed on the motorway,
it’s created a huge jam!

What’s a scarecrow’s favourite fruit!

What do you give a sick lemon?

What do you call a cat who eats lemons?
A sourpuss!

Where do baby citrus fruits go to learn?
A lemon tree school!

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit,
wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad!

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Lemons and limes fight all the time,
they are bitter rivals!

Lemons and limes fight all the time

I went to the shop today to get lemons and limes but they didn’t have any.
It was a fruitless trip!

What did the lemon say to the lime?
Sour you doing?!

Why did the lemon cross the road?
He wanted to play squash!

Why did the lemon go to the doctor?
He was feeling sour!

I went to the doctor because I had a strawberry growing out of my ear,
he gave me some cream for it!

How did the fruit basket get across the lake?
They took the straw-ferry!

What was Prince’s favourite dessert?
Raspberry sorbet!

Why are grapes always so unhappy,
they’ve got nothing to wine about!

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Why are grapes always so unhappy

Orange is a great fruit,
it’s citrically acclaimed!

Why do oranges wear sun cream?
Because their skin peels!

How many marmalade sandwiches did Paddington Bear eat?
None, he’s already stuffed!

What does a lemon say when it wants a hug?
Give us a squeeze!

What kind of monkey doesn’t eat bananas?
An orangutan!

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What is a ghost’s favorite fruit?

Why do oranges do so well in school?
They concentrate!

A guy kept trying to sell me tropical fruit.
I told him mango!

A guy kept trying to sell me tropical fruit

Cute Fruit Puns

Are you looking for cute fruit puns? Well, I got your back because we’ve rounded up these amusing jokes for you! I hope this pun helps you create the perfect birthday wish and photo captions. Go ahead and send some fruity pickup lines, or send a nice note to your friends.

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You’re grape.

You are cherry sweet.

You’re plum-perfect.

You’re hard core.

You’re a peach.

You’re one in a melon.

No fig deal, you got this!

Squeeze the day.

Don’t worry, just let it mango.

You’re pear-fect.

Be like a pineapple – always wear your crown.

Be like a pineapple – always wear your crown

Fruit Jokes One Liners

If you’re looking for fruit jokes one-liners, there’s bound to be a pun for you. Find the perfect witty pun for your text message or to make you laugh below, ranging from berries to melons to tropical fruit.

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Thanks! I ap-peach-iate it.

Thank you berry much.

Thanks a melon.

Thanks a bunch.

Kiwi be friends?

It takes two to mango.

You’re my main squeeze.

Orange you glad we’re friends?

I’m grapeful for our friendship.

Thank you! I apple-solutely appreciate it.

Thank you! I apple-solutely appreciate it.

Fruit Jokes Pick Up Lines

Cracking a joke or a pick-up line with your friends and crush is not an easy thing to do. But with these Fruit jokes pick-up lines, you will easily be able to impress them. Enjoy!

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I’m bananas for you, let’s never split.

Sorry I’m bad at pickup limes.

You’ve got a peach of my heart.

I cherry-ish you.

Lime all yours.

You hold the kiwi to my heart.

I miss you berry much.

Honeydew you know how happy you make me?

Honeydew you know how happy you make me

You are juice the cutest.

If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.

I love you cherry much.

I find you very ap-peel-ing.

We make a great pear.

You’re the apple of my eye.

Fruit Jokes for Adults

Be prepared to laugh out loud because we’ve rounded up these hilarious fruit jokes for adults that will make your day full of joy and laughter! Check it out now!

You’re the apple of my eye.

Girl! You’re the apple of my eye

If you’re a fruit?
Then you’d be grapes cause your grapes are sour.

Ahhh, Baby!
Your ass reminds me of the melons of my Orchard.

You are as tangled as fruit salad cause I could never understand you.

Girls are as unpredictable as apple…
Because it could be sweet or bitter from inside.

Dear! Aren’t you spicy?
Cause you make my heartburn.

Sweetheart, why you speak so acrid?
Are you eating bitter gourd?

Hey babes!
You’d be a sensual lip like a red strawberry.

If you and I were a fruit, then you’d be a fine apple, and I’d be your banana, and we together could produce pears.

Hey, hot pepper!
Would you like to lick my banana?

Hey, hot pepper

Why I’m feeling thirst?
I think I just need your delicious melons juice.

If you’d be a fruit, you must be a date cause I loved to eat a date.

Extra: Veggie Jokes

Many kids didn’t like eating Veggies, but I bet you they will like and enjoy these Veggie Jokes. Feel free to use these hilarious jokes that we’ve got, and remember to have a good time!

What do you call a vegetable heist?
A farmed robbery.

What is green and goes to camp?
A brussels scout.

What vegetable did Noah leave off the ark?
The Leek.

What vegetable do chickens grow?

What kind of flower shouldn’t be put in a vase?

What kind of flower shouldn’t be put in a vase

What’s small, red and whispers?
A hoarse radish.

Why are mushrooms always invited to parties?
Because they are such fungis.

Why shouldn’t you tell secrets in a vegetable patch?
Potatoes have eyes, the beans-talk and the corn have ears.

What’s the fastest vegetable?
A runner bean.

What do you call a table you can eat?
A vegetable.

What do you call a table you can eat


Whether it is a tropical fruit, citrus, or berries, they all taste good and are healthy for our bodies. That’s why fruits are always available in the market because we need them to nourish our bodies. There are many fruits out there, and we sure have a lot of jokes about them. We hope you liked it, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones!

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