Fun Trivia Travel Questions - from Beginner to Globetrotter Pro-Level

195 Fun Trivia Travel Questions – from Beginner to Globetrotter Pro-Level

You must be a passionate traveler or you are about to become one. That is for the only explanation I can greet you on my brand new masterpiece of the best and fun trivia travel questions in 2024. I am a world traveler myself; I took a swim in every ocean and touch ground on every continent there is. Since I love to play travel quizzes myself, I created this unique article.

In this post I include my personal best trivia questions for travel and some fun facts. I start with beginner level and added as well very advanced questions about travelling that are completely random and challenging.

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I also collected my favorite travel puns and jokes here. For the beach lover, I also wrote together a bunch of beach quotes and puns you will shorely love. As background music, I recommend my playlist of the best new york city songs.

On top of all of that, I share with you my favorite online games I love to play with my friends.

How to play Trivia?

In the traditional travel trivia games, every player writes his/her answers on a sheet of paper. You can either play for yourself or you can team up. This really depends on you. Usually, pen-and-paper trivia events are played in a series and is round based. Each round can have anything between 5 to 20 questions. This way, you have several competitions and most likely winners over the overall game.

How to play Trivia online or with friends in front of a Computer?

There are a few, simple rules before starting:

    1. Do not shout out the answer. Each team writes down the answer. Once the time is up or all teams/ individuals have an answer written down, you can reveal the answer.
    2. You can set a time everybody has to answer. Alternatively, you can wait until all players/ teams have an answer to submit. We recommend setting a time limit, even it is a high one like 60 seconds.
    3. You can only submit 1 answer and make it clear! If you write down two answers, make sure you strike through everything else except your final answer. Otherwise, this is not fair for other teams.
    4. In case there is no correct answer, you can give the points to the one with the closest answer. This is especially interesting when it comes to years or numbers. Clarify this rule before getting started.
    5. In case the answer consist of several parts like names or numbers, you can give points for each correct answer.
    6. No phones allowed; that would be too easy. If you want, you can do your own research after an answer was revealed. Best is to check this beforehand with all participants.
    7. Have fun!

Here is a good video I found, explaining basic rules for a pub trivia that you can easily apply to yourself at home.

Trivia Travel Questions for Beginner

Not all of us are travel ninjas and know every single flag, capital and corner of this world. Let us start with some simple trivia travel questions that are fun for all of us. Yet, do not be shy to take on the advanced and expert trivia questions for travel. Worst that can happen, you will end up learning something new!

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What is the capital of Spain?

  • A: Barcelona
  • B: Valencia
  • C: Madrid
  • D: Toledo

Answer: ...

How many states are there in the United States of America?

  • A: 45
  • B: 50
  • C: 52
  • D: 54

Answer: ...

How many official countries are there in the world?

  • A: less than 100
  • B: 145
  • C: 195
  • D: more than 200

Answer: ...
195 (Check Wikipedia here for information)

What is the capital of Belgium?

Answer: ...

What was the first national park in the U.S. that sits on top of a dormant volcano?

Answer: ...
Yellowstone National Park

What is the capital of the Netherlands?

Answer: ...

There is sometimes a bit of confusion. This wikipedia article explains the capital of The Netherlands.

In what year were the first EURO notes and coins introduced?

Answer: ...

What is the smallest Caribbean island?

Answer: ...

How many languages are there in the world? (Make a guess. The closest number wins.)

  • A: ±500
  • B: ±4,000
  • C: ±6,500
  • D: ±10,000

Answer: ...
±6,500 languages

What is the biggest city in Europe Continent?

  • A: Paris
  • B: London
  • C: Istanbul
  • D: Rome

Answer: ...

What is one of the most famous landmarks in India that means “crown of palaces”?

  • A: Taj Mahal
  • B: Grand Canyon
  • C: Qutb Minar
  • D: Charminar

Answer: ...
Taj Mahal

What is the least densely populated country in the world?

  • A: Romania
  • B: Brazil
  • C: Mongolia
  • D: South Sudan

Answer: ...

What is the largest country in South America?

  • A: Venezuela
  • B: Brazil
  • C: Colombia
  • D: Chile

Answer: ...

What is the capital city of Canada?

  • A: Toronto
  • B: Ottawa
  • C: Montreal
  • D: Quebec

Answer: ...

What is the world’s most visited country?

  • A: Spain
  • B: France
  • C: New Zealand
  • D: USA

Answer: ...
France – as off 2018

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What is the currency in India?

Answer: ...
Indian Rupee

When walking around Osaka, in which country are you in?

  • A: China
  • B: Japan
  • C: Taiwan
  • D: South Korea

Answer: ...

Koh Samui is an island in…

  • A: Vietnam
  • B: Philippines
  • C: Thailand
  • D: Malaysia

Answer: ...

How many countries are part of the European Union?

  • A: 19
  • B: 23
  • C: 27
  • D: 31

Answer: ...
27 countries – Wikipedia

Easy Travel Trivia Questions

Advanced Trivia Travel Questions

You are not a beginner anymore? Right on, right on! Exactly for this purpose I wrote up a great selection of advanced trivia questions from the travel space. Challenge accepted?

What and where is the highest point in the world?

Answer: ...
Mount Everest in Nepal, Tibet

Which city has more cars than people?

  • A: Vatican City
  • B: San Marino
  • C: Andorra
  • D: Cuba

Answer: ...
San Marino, Europe

With approximately 221.000 islands, this country is estimated to have the highest number of islands worldwide. Which country is it?

  • A: Philippines
  • B: Indonesia
  • C: Sweden
  • D: Canada

Answer: ...

What is Africa’s largest country by area?

  • A: Chad
  • B: South Africa
  • C: Algeria
  • D: Madagascar

Answer: ...

Next to Warsaw, which city has the highest Polish population in the world?

  • A: Chicago
  • B: New York City
  • C: Toronto
  • D: London

Answer: ...

Greenland is an autonomous territory belonging to which country?

  • A: USA
  • B: Canada
  • C: Denmark
  • D: United Arab Emirates

Answer: ...

What are the five USA’s territories?

Answer: ...
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • American Samoa
  • and US Virgin Islands

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Who liberated South American countries like Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia from its Spanish rule?

Answer: ...
Símon Bolívar between 1819 and 1822

Advanced Travel Trivia Questions

High-end Pro, Random Trivia Questions for Traveler

Oooooh lala, you have made it that far. I am assuming this is not by accident. This means you are really looking for a challenge. You got it!

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Which country covers the most time zones on the planet?

  • A: USA
  • B: Russia
  • C: Netherlands
  • D: France

Answer: ...

How many countries in the world still have a monarchy?

  • A: USA
  • B: Russia
  • C: Netherlands
  • D: France

Answer: ...
44 (Please check the complete and always up to date answer with Wikipedia here)

Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Europe?

  • A: Sardinia, Italy
  • B: Sicily, Italy
  • C: Cyprus
  • D: Malta

Answer: ...
Sicily, Italy

Which is the smallest country island in the Mediterranean Sea, Europe?

  • A: Mallorca
  • B: Malta
  • C: Cyprus
  • D: Crete

Answer: ...

Which are the only two countries in the world that officially begin with “The”?

Answer: ...
The Bahamas (1) and Republic of The Gambia (2)

Which is the driest continent?

Answer: ...

Which country invented the popular beverage tea?

Answer: ...
China – First recorded in China in 59 BC, though probably originated much earlier

Which city is literally named “Muddy Confluence”?

  • A: Kuala Lumpur
  • B: Manila
  • C: Bangkok
  • D: Jakarta

Answer: ...
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Worlds Capital Cities

What was New York called before it officially became New York?

Answer: ...
New Amsterdam

What was the official name of Iran in the Western World before 1935?

Answer: ...

Expert Travel Trivia Questions

Final Answer: 3 Tie Breakers

1. How many time zones are there worldwide?

Answer: ...

2. What is the third most spoken language in the world (Native Speakers!)?

Answer: ...


  1. Chinese — 1.3 Billion Native Speakers
  2. Spanish — 460 Million Native Speakers
  3. English — 379 Million Native Speakers
  4. Hindi — 341 Million Native Speakers
  5. Arabic — 315 Million Native Speakers


3. What is the population of USA, China and the Vatican State? Give three estimates.

Answer: ...
  • China: 1.43 billion people
  • USA: 329 million
  • Vatican State: 825

Final Answer: 3 Tie Breakers

My Favorite Travel Trivia Questions Online Games

Are you familiar with the platform Kahoot? Read about Kahoot here.

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun to schools, work places and at home. We even have seen parties with Kahoot games. It is free for up to 10 players. This is usually more than enough.

How does it work?

  1. Only the host needs to have an account at Kahoot.
  2. You need a big screen that everyone can see like a TV or projector – turn on the music too!
  3. every participant needs a smartphone with internet access
  4. You can either create teams or play as individuals
  5. You can either create your own games or choose existing ones. Type in a topic or choose one. You can filter by:
    1. most relevant
    2. most played <<< my recommendation!
    3. highest quality
  6. The participants can just go to and introduce the game code to join
  7. Every team/ player selects a name before starting – make this fun too!

Below I added a few screenshots and a video that shows exactly how it works. It is very simple!

Good to know: Each game is round-based and each correct answer gives you points. Also, the faster you are, the more points you get!


Choose your category at Kahoot
Choose your category at Kahoot


Kahoot waiting for players...
Kahoot waiting for players…

How much does Kahoot cost?

  • Basic – Free
  • kahoot!+ Home$5/month
  • Kahoot!+ Family $5/month
  • Kahoot!+ Premier – $15/month

You can find all details about prices and what is included here.

Kahoot Trivia Questions - how much does it cost?
Kahoot Trivia Questions – how much does it cost?



Ready for travel quiz night? We hope you enjoyed our trivia with questions and answers. Whether you are an experienced globetrotter or in the process, these fun travel questions and answers for backpacking and traveling the globe will challenge you. Do not be afraid to not knowing the answer. It can be tricky and the world can be a complicated place. Always remember, even the most experienced world traveler started at zero. Keep learning about the world and take on the challenge.

We are keeping this article up to date and will be adding more traveling trivia questions for you.

In the meantime, here you can find all my favorite travel puns and jokes. I also collected a bunch of funny questions to ask your friends. That is another way to spend a fun night with family, kids and friends.

For the perfect background music, check out this playlist of songs about United Stated of America.

Did we miss any cool questions you think we need to add? Leave your comment below.

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