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40 Funny Singapore Jokes That You Will Enjoy

With its merited standing as a worldwide city, Singapore is home to flavors for each sense of taste. Our city brags a heavenly body of 44 Michelin-featured eateries, including three-star foundations Les Amis and Odette. So chow down on an Australian-style grill at Burnt Ends, find the unpredictable kinds of Peranakan* toll at Candlenut, or devour the world’s most reasonable Michelin dinner at Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle.

Singapore’s particular seller food culture is similarly unique. Our peddler communities present dishes that length Chinese, Malay, and Indian culinary practices, from chicken rice and fish head curries to rojak and satay. Many of these restaurants currently promote the SG Clean quality imprint, a demonstration of their heavenly sterilization and cleanliness guidelines.

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Best Singapore Jokes

At Singapore’s yearly overall developments, you’ll observe artisans, entertainers, and journalists of each stripe meeting up to share new points of view and show-stoppers. The M1 Fringe Festival, Singapore Art Week, Singapore International Festival of Arts, and Singapore Writers Festival are only a portion of the many moving occasions that anticipate guests. But, of course, Singapore is also best known for its funny stories and jokes.

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Why didn’t the mantou shed a single tear when his mother died?
Because he has no filling.

The palm tree got struck by lightning
Because it SUAY-ED

The palm tree got struck by lightning Because it SUAY-ED

You’re allergic to bees?

B is for Burger King
Where are you going to work for the rest of your life

Like a boss?
Why not boss?

Like a boss Why not boss

Does your sister get a B on the Math test?
Congratulation. You only child now.

What is an Asian without A’s?

Finish your work, then you play
The Piano

Why not Calcu-NOW?

Calculator Why not Calcu-NOW

Why did Ah Beng force 18 of his friends to watch a movie with him?
Because the ad said below 18 not allowed to go in.

Ah, Beng: Doctor, both my ears are red and painful.
Doctor: What happened?
Ah Beng: I was ironing my shirt, then the phone rang. But I accidentally picked up the iron instead of my handphone. Then kena, lah!
Doctor: Then what about the other ear?! Why is it red?
Ah Beng: The stupid fella call back, lah!

Guy: Can I have a coke can?
Drinks stall lady: Can cannot, but the bottle can.

What’s noisier – coffee or bread?
Bread. Because BreadTalk (bread talks) while Kopitiam (kopi diam).

Are you familiar with Singapore?
With all that damn poverty, it’s like Multipore.

Have you seen the finals of the international music competition?
Singapore lost.

Have you seen the finals of the international music competition Singapore lost.

In which country only do they write about poverty in their songs?

When it comes to local dishes, which one is the heaviest?
Wanton Mee (One Tonne Mee)

What is the oldest MRT station in Singapore?

After Malaysia auditioned for the talent show, what did the Italians say to them?
You Singapore.

I gotta run
Cashew Later!

I gotta run Cashew Later!

Singapore Airlines plans to launch flights to nowhere.
However, Malaysia Airlines did the same thing first.

There are no songs I know about rich countries.
I can only *Singapore* one.

Last winter, did you hear about the guy who quit smoking and moved from Istanbul to Singapore?
He quits cold turkey.

What is the origin of karaoke machines?

What is the most inaccessible place in Singapore?
Kent Ridge.

What is the most inaccessible place in Singapore Kent Ridge.

Do you know what to call a samosa that went to Universal Studios Singapore?

Why is education so important in Singapore?
It’s your get-out-of-jail-free card.

In what way did Ah Beng force 18 of his friends to watch a movie with him?
According to M18 rules, anyone under 18 is not allowed to enter.

What caused the palm tree to be struck by lightning?
Because it suay.

What caused the palm tree to be struck by lightning Because it suay.

Singapore Story Jokes

Conventional celebrations and festivities have large amounts of Singapore also, from the beating drums and riveting waterway races of the Dragon Boat Festival to accomplishments of strict dedication during Thaipusam and the kaleidoscope of brilliant characters at Chingay Parade.

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One day, Mee Kia borrowed money from Char Siew Bao, promising to pay him back in two weeks. But when the day came, there was no sign of Mee Kia. So Char Siew Bao rounded up Ling Yong Bao and Tau Sar Bao to find the noodle and hantam jialat-jialat.

On the hunt, they saw Maggi Goreng strolling across the road. “Brothers, whack him!” Char Siew Bao commanded. And as the three Baos gave it to him one kind, Char Siew Bao shouted, “Eh Mee Kia! Just because you perm your hair, don’t think we cannot recognize you, okay?!”

After a romantic date, Ah Beng and Ah Lian walked to the bus stop. She saw her bus coming and dashed to catch it, leaving Ah Beng behind. As the bus doors opened, Ah Lian looked back to see Ah Beng desperately miming a steering wheel – he’ll drive her home instead. Ah, Lian responded by repeatedly pointing to her boobs and then her head. Finally, she boarded, and the bus sped off.

Later that night, Ah Beng angrily called Ah Lian for an explanation: “Why do you never wait?”

Ah, Lian replied, “Huh, where got? I already told you ‘neh-mind, neh-mind’ what!”

Last night, I went to the Chinese takeaway to get chicken chow mein, egg fried rice, and Singapore crispy noodles.
The bloke poured everything out into the carrier bag.
“What the hell are you doing?” I asked.
We cannot put Chinese in a container anymore, he said.

Kim Jong Un has arrived in Singapore.
An immigration officer began asking him questions as soon as he arrived.
The officer asked him, “occupation?”
Kim replied, “no, just visiting.”

Kim Jong Un has arrived in Singapore. An immigration officer began asking him questions as soon as he arrived. The officer asked him, “occupation” Kim replied, “no, just visiting.”

On the sidewalk walks a random child.
Then he stops, and he sings, “Apore!“
Three years later, he becomes a star and wins an award.
He gives a speech.
He says, “Thank you, everyone, for your support. Especially my family. They told me we would go to Singapore, and I went. I wonder why I’ve never seen them again.”

Singapore-English Jokes

Numerous expressions, celebrations, and associations — including the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2021 — across the island have embraced energizing new advanced and virtual organizations, which can get to from all over the globe. So please make sure to look at them on the web, assuming you’d like an example of our island’s flourishing expressions and culture.

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Ah, Beng returned to his car and found a note on his windscreen saying: ‘Parking Fine.’
Before driving off, he wrote a note and stuck it to a pole: ‘Thanks for the compliment.’

Singapore: *looking northward, tips fedora* “M’laysia”

Singapore looking northward, tips fedora M'laysia


Singapore’s fluctuated charms will undoubtedly captivate guests on our island with its ancient sanctuaries, clamoring vendor focuses, and rich green spaces. Our city’s schedule of occasions is similarly assorted and presents voyagers with good chances to investigate, enjoy and communicate their interests. From the allure and excitement of the Grand Prix Season Singapore to the flavors and aromas of the Singapore Food Festival, here are the Singapore jokes that will make you hopelessly enamored with the country

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