31 Ginger Red head jokes and Quotes - to compete with Blondes & Brunettes

31 Ginger Red-Head Jokes and Quotes – to compete with Blondes & Brunettes

Looking for Ginger and red head jokes to tell your friend? Then you came to the right place, because I collected ginger jokes, and also I have two more articles with the best brunette jokes and funny blonde jokes. You can have a look at all of them and compare which ones you like more.

Some people look for jokes to tease some friends or schoolmates. Other people simply  try to be funny and humorous, so do not take the jokes personally. I do love to hear all kind of jokes, and sometimes I even try to get some funny answers to them in my head (a bit joke-nerdy, I know…).

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Teasing Ginger Heads

Here you have some redhead jokes to tease your ginger friends. If you are a ginger reading this, this can be a good opportunity to build your ingenious answers for these jokes.

Fact: Gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal.

How do you handle a redhead’s temper?


What do you tell a ginger when she blushes?

Your face is as red as your hair.

Should a redhead Ninja be referred as Ginja?

What do you call it when a redhead goes off the deep end?

A ginger snap.

What do you call two redheads on mars?


What do you call a redhead with a yeast infection?


Redheads pretend to be blonde by giggling incessantly and tripping on things.

How do redheads approach things?


So if a redhead goes crazy, is it called Ginger snaps?

Two gingers are in a car. Who is driving?

The constable.

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Tell a ginger that her hair look like a volcano is erupting…

(and observe how she all erupts).

How do you get a redhead’s mood to change?

Wait 10 seconds.

How to piss off a redhead?

Say something…

I went to Brisbane’s hottest redhead competition, 5000 people attended, and not a soul in sight.

Short Jokes about Redheads

Short jokes are the easiest to remember. Also, I do not really remember any joke longer than 5 lines… so I could not include them.

What is it called when two red hairs have a kid?

Ginger bred.

What kind of beds do redheads sleep on?


What do you call a ginger head kid who’s good at karate?

Carroty kid

What do you get when you cross a Jamaican and a Ginger?

A gingerbreadmom

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What do you call a redhead with an attitude?


Caution; Natural redhead. Do not place in direct sunlight.

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What do you call it when a redhead goes nuts?

A Ginger snap.

What is the only thing redheads drink?

Ginger Ale.

How many redheads does it take to change light bulb?

One! She holds the bulb and the world revolves around her.

If a redhead works at a bakery, …does that make him a ginger bread man?

Funny Redhead Quotes

Still cannot get enough? Well, here are a few of my favorite redhead quotes I have found all over the web.

I found some of these funny redhead quotes scrolling in the social media, and thought it would be a nice idea to include them here.

A hammer in a hand of a Redhead can work miracles.

Ginger don’t have souls.

Gingers are for life, not only for Christmas.

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I am not offended at red hair jokes because I know I am not dumb and neither natural ginger.

I can wait to show my tan from the beach to everyone. Said no Ginger ever.

When life gives you red hair. Rock it, own it, embrace it.

Redhead problems: still soul-searching.

Never upset a redhead. It may be the last thing you do.

There’s a reason Annie was paying so much attention to when the sun was coming out. Because gingers can’t just walk out into the sun like normal.

Adult Redhead jokes

These jokes for adults shall not be read by kids, so if you are under 18… change site right now. You could read:

Are you over 18? Then you can keep reading.

Why don’t foot fetishists like redheads?

Because they don’t have soles.

What’s the difference between a brick and a red head?

Bricks get laid.

How do you tell a ginger is satisfied?

She unties you.

How do you get a redhead to argue with you?

Say something like: “I’m one of those males who love redheads… jokes.”

A brunette, a redhead, and a blonde are in an elevator On the floor is a puddle of white liquid.

The brunette takes a close look at the puddle. “Looks like cum” she says.

The redhead leans down and smells the puddle. “Smells like cum” she says.

The blonde puts her finger in the puddle, then licks her finger. “Not anyone in this building.

What do you call a redheaded gentleman from a long line of redheads?

A ginger bred man..

What is the difference between a Demon and a Redhead?

The Demon at least has a trade offer.

What do you call a rich redhead?

A Ginger Breadman

What is the difference between a redhead and a terrorist?

You can negotiate with a terrorist!

Why did god give red hair to some women?

He knew you will need a warning label.

Blonde, Brunette and redhead joke in a bar

Three friends (a blonde, a brunette and a redhead) are in a bar having a fun time.

The waitress decides to tell them a secret: In the women’s bathroom, there is a magical mirror.

If you tell it something truthful, you will be greatly rewarded. However, if you lie to the mirror, you will disappear in a poof.

Excited to try this mirror out, the women rush to the restroom.

The brunette decides to show off and claim she is the most beautiful girl there.

“I think I’m the most beautiful person at this restaurant.”

A million dollars appears in her hands.

The redhead is feeling a little offended.

She decides to show off how smart she is: “I think I’m the smartest person in this restaurant.

The keys to a Ferrari magically show up in her purse.

The blonde, super excited to get something really cool, starts to tell the mirror something:

I think…” Poof. She is never seen again.

Blonde, brunette and redhead Jokes

If you find a blond, a brunette and a redhead traveling together you shall tell them this joke to see who is laughing first. Do you have any bet?

Well, rumor says the blonde will be the last one…

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A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are each in their own rooms, who is the hottest?

Whoever forgot to turn on the air conditioner.

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are in jail. While they wait to be executed they come up with a plan.

Right before they’re about to be shot, each one will yell that some natural disaster or emergency is happening to distract the soldiers. During the distraction, they would be able to escape.

The brunette is first. As she hears the captain counting down to 0 she yells “Tornado!”

As the soldiers duck for cover, she scales the wall of the prison and escapes to freedom.

The redhead is next. As she hears the captain counting down to 0 she yells “Earthquake!”

As the soldiers duck for cover, she scales the wall of the prison and escapes to freedom.

Last is the blonde. As she hears the captain counting down to 0 she yells “Fire!”

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are in their way to heaven. Mesmerized by their beauty, God gives them a challenge.

For each step you take on the staircase to heaven, I will tell a dark joke. If you laugh, then you will fall straight to hell. Otherwise, despite all your sins, I will let you enter the gates of heaven“.

All the ladies agree, and the brunette starts to climb.

She climbs two steps after which he erupts in laughter and falls to hell.

Next, the red head behind her journey and lasts only 10 minutes after which she smirks and descends to hell.

Finally, the blonde starts her climb. Almost after an hour of climbing she reaches the final step, upon which Gods tells her a joke unheard of by any soul, alive or dead. To this, she laughs and loses the challenge, but God takes pity and allows her to enter heaven.

He then asks her why she laughed when she was so close to heaven, to which she replies – “I just understood the first joke.

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are escaping from the police. They see the police car is approaching so they escape to a back alleyway. There they discovered 3 big sacks.

One sack full of kittens, one full of puppies, and the last one full of potatoes. They each get into a sack, hoping the cops won’t notice them. A police officer checks the alley and sees the 3 sacks.

He kicked the sack of kittens and the redhead said, “Meow meow!

The he kicked the sack of puppies and the brunette said, “Woof woof!

Of course, he kicked the sack of potatoes and the blonde said, “Pohtaytooee“.

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