Zombie Jokes Because Even the Undead Need a Good Laugh!

60 Funny Zombie Jokes: Because Even the Undead Need a Good Laugh!

As November descends upon us with its crisp autumn air and falling leaves, it’s the perfect time to indulge in lighthearted humor to lighten the mood. And what better way to do that than with a collection of zombie jokes? Zombies may not be the typical November topic, but their undead antics and relentless pursuit of brains can undoubtedly add a touch of macabre fun to the season. So, gather around the digital campfire, dear readers, as we unearth five ghoulishly entertaining subtopics of zombie humor to get you groaning and giggling.

November often sees a transition from the vibrant colors of autumn to the starkness of winter, making it a month of paradoxes. As nature’s exuberant display of foliage dwindles into a monochromatic palette, there’s a sense of mystery in the air – a feeling that something unexpected might happen. In this atmosphere of ambiguity, we present a treasure trove of zombie jokes to spark your imagination and tickle your funny bone. Zombies may not be your typical November topic, but their relentless pursuit of brains and their unmistakable, shuffling gait provides an oddly fitting backdrop for a season in which the world transitions from life to dormancy.

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These jokes will infuse your days with both groans and laughter, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, a bit of humor can shine through. So, as the days grow shorter and the nights colder, let’s explore five subtopics of zombie hilarity, each with its collection of jokes to make you groan and giggle.

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Zombie Cuisine Jokes

Step into the eerie world of the undead, where zombies have a culinary inclination that’s not for the faint of heart… or stomach! Prepare to embark on a journey that will tickle your funny bone and make your taste buds shiver as we delve into these captivating zombie culinary capers. From bizarre diets to unconventional cooking techniques, the zombie world has some surprising delicacies that will leave you horrified and entertained. So, sharpen your virtual cutlery (no pun intended), and dive headfirst into the macabre and mouthwatering realm of zombie gastronomy!

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Why don’t zombies eat clowns?
Because they taste funny!

What’s a zombie’s favorite dessert?

What’s a zombie’s least favorite room in the house?
The living room!

What do you call a zombie that cooks stir-fry?
Wok-ing Dead!

How does a zombie ask someone to dinner?
“Join me for a bite?”

What kind of food do zombies hate?
Fast food

I’m starting a food delivery service for zombies.
Hello Flesh!

Why did the zombie not eat your brain?
Because he doesn’t eat junk food.

What’s a vegan zombie’s favorite food?

If you call humans food, what would you classify zombies as?

If you call humans food, what would you classify zombies as Expired

What is something zombies hate?
Fast food

What’s a dyslexic zombie’s favorite food?

What’s a zombie’s favorite food?

What’s a zombie’s favorite food?

What’s an idiot in the Apocalypse?
Diet zombie food

Funny Zombie Relationships Jokes 

Zombies may not be the most romantic creatures, but they have their own peculiar way of dealing with matters of the heart. Brace yourself for some undead relationship humor!

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Why did the zombie break up with his girlfriend?
She wanted someone with more “braaaains!”

What do you get when you cross a zombie and a vampire?
A seriously complicated relationship!

How do zombies apologize?
They say, “I’m really, really sorry, I was dead wrong.”

What’s a zombie’s favorite dating app?
“Zom-der” – because they’re looking for love that’s eternal.

Why did the zombie couple go to couples therapy?
Because they had a grave misunderstanding!

Why did the zombie couple go to couples therapy Because they had a grave misunderstanding!

Why did the zombie break up with his smartphone?
Because he heard it was a dead-end relationship!

How did the zombie couple decide to tie the knot?
With a “Ghoul’s Night Out” wedding!

What do you call a zombie who’s good at serenading other zombies?
A “soul”mate singer!

Why did the zombie couple go to marriage counseling?
Because they couldn’t agree on where to go for their “deady”moon!

What’s a zombie’s favorite romantic movie?
“The Walking Dead: Love Bites.”

How did the zombie propose to his undead girlfriend?
He gave her a ring and asked, “Will you be my ‘corpse bride’?”

What did the zombie bring to his date?
A bouquet of “dead” roses!

How do zombie couples argue?
They “hash-sling” over dinner.

What’s a zombie’s idea of a romantic getaway?
A cryptic weekend in a haunted mansion!

How do zombie couples stay together for eternity?
They make a “dead”ly pact!

How do zombie couples stay together for eternity They make a deadly pact!

Zombie Professions Jokes

Zombies aren’t known for their work ethic, but they sometimes dabble in unique professions. However, what most people don’t know is that these creatures occasionally venture into some truly one-of-a-kind professions that are bound to leave you both puzzled and in stitches. So, brace yourself for a journey into the zany and unexpected world of zombie careers.

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What job did the zombie get at the bakery?
A grave digger!

Why did the zombie become a gardener?
He had a green thumb… and a few other green body parts!

How does a zombie make a living?
By “corpsing” around!

Why did the zombie become a motivational speaker?
Because they know how to “reanimate” an audience!

What’s a zombie’s favorite job interview question?
“Do you have any experience in dead-end jobs?”

Why did the zombie lawyer always win in court?
Because he had a killer closing argument!

How does a zombie barber keep his clients coming back?
He always gives them a “cutting-edge” experience.

What’s a zombie therapist’s favorite phrase?
“Let’s dig deep and unearth your issues!”

Why did the zombie chef get fired from the restaurant?
Because his dishes were to die for, literally!

Why did the zombie stand-up comedian get a standing ovation?
Because his jokes always left the audience in stitches, and they had no other option!

Why did the zombie stand-up comedian get a standing ovation Because his jokes always left the audience in stitches, and they had no other option!

Exciting Zombie Travel

Zombies have a unique approach to travel, and it’s not for the faint-hearted globetrotter. Join us on a journey of undead adventures!

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How do zombies book their vacations?
Through “cruises to die for”!

What’s a zombie’s favorite travel destination?
“The Dead Sea” – they love a good float!

How do zombies like to get around the city?
On “dead-end streets”!

What do you call a zombie who loves to travel by train?

What’s a zombie’s favorite kind of road trip?
A “flesh-cursion”!

Why do zombies make terrible travel companions?
They’re always dead tired!

What’s a zombie’s favorite mode of transportation?
The “dead-end” subway.

Why did the zombie book a one-way ticket to the Caribbean?
He heard they had great “sun-bathing” spots!

How do zombies plan their vacations
They use a “flesh-port” for all their travel needs!

What do you call a zombie who loves to explore new places?
A “wander-corpse”!

What do you call a zombie who loves to explore new places A wander-corpse!

Trendy Zombie Technology

Even zombies can’t escape the digital age! They’ve embraced technology in their own, shambling way. Let’s dive into the world of zombie gadgets and gizmos.

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Why do zombies love smartphones?
They enjoy finger food!

What’s a zombie’s favorite social media platform?
“Ghoul-ge Plus”!

How do zombies keep their computers safe?
They use “dead-bolt” security.

Why did the zombie bring a ladder to the computer store?
Because he heard the computers had a lot of “byte”!

What’s a zombie’s favorite video game?
“Resident E-ville”!

Why don’t zombies use smartphones?
Because they can’t find their “dead” center!

What’s a zombie’s favorite app on their phone?
“Gravebook” for keeping up with other undead friends.

Why did the zombie refuse to use a computer?
Because he was afraid of catching a “virus”!

How do zombies fix their broken laptops?
They use a “tomb”stone to keep it propped up.

What’s a zombie’s preferred social media platform?
“Insta-decay,” of course!

What's a zombie's preferred social media platform Insta-decay, of course!


There you have it, a feast of zombie humor to infuse your November with a touch of the undead. From zombie cuisine to relationships, professions, travel, and technology, these jokes have unearthed the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse. So, whether you’re facing the chilly autumn winds or the relentless zombie hordes of your daily life, remember these jokes to keep your spirits (un)dead! Enjoy the dark humor, and may your November be filled with laughter and groans.

Imagine a world where zombie chefs whip up “braaaains” for their eerie clientele, or where zombie tech support is always struggling with dead batteries. Picture zombie love stories filled with “corpse-mantic” encounters, and zombie vacation destinations where the scenery is “to-die-for.” These jokes are your ticket to a side of the undead that you never thought you’d encounter. Share them with your friends and family to spread the joy of the macabre. Laughter is a powerful weapon, and in November, it’s essential to keep your wits about you.

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