49 FUNNY Jokes for Kids About Summer

49 FUNNY Jokes for Kids About Summer That Will Shore-ly Make You Laugh

Hey, kids and kids at heart! Are you excited for the school to be over and dive into the beach? We got the best summer jokes to get you ready for the summer. Enjoy it while you can since vacation only lasts for a couple of weeks. Share our jokes on summer with your friends and family.

We know that you can’t help yourself capture the best photos for your Instagram. So, aside from our jokes about summer heat, you can also check out our Best Summer Captions and Quotes.

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Jokes For Kids About Summer

Want some jokes for summer season? Here comes the hilarious summer jokes for kids! The best thing in this world is hearing children’s laughter. So, if you want to have some laughs, check out our funny summer jokes about kids. There is no doubt that these funny school holiday jokes will leave you wanting more!

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What do you do if you get rejected from a job at a sun cream factory?

What do you do if you get rejected from a job at a sun cream factory

Why don’t oysters share their pearls?
Because they’re shellfish!

What is brown, hairy, and wear sunglasses?
A coconut on its summer holiday!

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What letter is the coolest?
Iced T!

What does the sun drink out of?

What is frogs’ favorite drink on a hot summer day?

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What do you call a French man wearing flip-flops?
Phillipe Phloppe.

Why did the newspaper talk to the ice cream?
It was looking for the scoop!

When do you go to red and stop at green?
When you’re eating a watermelon!

When do you go to red and stop at green

How do you prevent a summer cold?
Catch it in the winter!

What do bees say in summer?
It’s swarm, isn’t it?!

Why do robots go on holiday?
To recharge their batteries!

Why do bananas use sun cream?
So they don’t peel!

What kind of tree fits in your hand?
A palm tree!

What did the mum tell her son who wanted to go swimming in the high waves?
Let’s wait and sea!

Why can’t basketball players go on nice vacation?
They would get called for traveling!

What should a baby wear to go swimming?

What should a baby wear to go swimming

Beach Jokes For Kids 

Looking for a funny joke for kids? One of the best things that we all can do every summer is going to the beach. Kids love making sandcastles but if they get bored at least you have our jokes to keep them occupied.

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What happens when you throw a green rock into the Red Sea?
It gets wet.

Why is the beach always so confident?
It’s 100% shore.

Why didn’t the poodle want to go to the beach?
It didn’t want to be a hot dog.

What do you call a cat who lives at the beach?
Sandy claws.

What did one tide pool say to the other tide pool?
Show me your mussels.

What do you get when you combine an elephant with a fish?
Swimming trunks!

What do you call seagulls that live near the bay?

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What do you call seagulls that live near the bay

What do you pay to spend a day on the beach?
Sand dollars.

Why should you never blame a dolphin for doing anything wrong?
Because they never do it on porpoise!

Why is the sand under the dock so resistant?
It doesn’t give into pier pressure.

Where do sheep go on vacation?
The Baaa-hamas.

What’s the most common insect found on the beach?
A beach buggy!

Who cleans the ocean?
The mermaids.

What is a shark’s favorite sandwich?
Peanut butter and jellyfish!

What would you find on a haunted beach?
A sand-witch!

What would you find on a haunted beach

Knock Knock Summer Jokes

Are you excited about summer vacation? All kids love summer vacation and also they sure love some great knock-knock jokes! Better check our collection of funny knock knock summer jokes for some laughs. 

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Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Luke who?
Luke through the peep hole and find out.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Cow says.
Cow says who?
No, a cow says mooooo!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Hal who?
Hal will you know if you don’t open the door?

Hal will you know if you don’t open the door

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Alice who?
Alice fair in love and war.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Figs who?
Figs the doorbell, it’s not working!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Annie who?
Annie thing you can do, I can do too!

Summer Camp Jokes And Riddles

Summer camp is fun not only because they have plenty of outdoor activities but also because they get to meet new friends there. Encourage your kids to be part of these activities by sharing some of these hilarious kid jokes and riddles that can make them giggle. 

Why don’t mummies go to summer camp?
They’re afraid to relax and unwind.

Why don’t mummies go to summer camp

What type of dessert do you give out at a summer beach party?
A beach pie.

What do cows wear to summer camp in Hawaii?
Moo Moo’s.

At summer camp, what did the lake say to the sailboat?
Nothing, it just waved.

Where did the sheep go to summer camp?
The Baa-hamas!

Why didn’t the elephant buy a suitcase for his summer camp?
Because he already had a trunk!

Where do cows go for summer camp?
Moo York.

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Where do eggs go for summer camp?
New Yolk City!

Where do sharks go to summer camp?

Where do sharks go to summer camp - jokes for kids about summer

Extra: Summer Jokes For Teachers

Our silly summer jokes for teachers will amuse you! Have a look at these jokes about summer and share them with your teachers to make them laugh.

Why did the teacher put on sunglasses?
Because their students were so bright!

Teacher: Where did your sister go to summer camp?
Student: Alaska.
Teacher: Never mind, I’ll ask her myself.

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Why did the teacher jump into the pool?
Because they wanted to test the water!

Why did the teacher jump into the pool - jokes for kids about summer


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