Funny Baseball Jokes

54 Funny Baseball Jokes you need to catch

Baseball jokes and riddles can be as interesting as the game itself. As devoted fans, we often carry it with dedication to the point where it becomes a family thing. with such devotion comes very tense moments and in these moments, you need something to calm your nerves. Now you understand what those commercials do. They don’t just give the players time to rest, they also prevent us from having a heart attack because we know that sometimes things don’t go your way and you know that if only your team focused more, they could win this match.

Jokes remind us to lose our faces a little. as a baseball fan, you also need to know cute baseball puns that will make you the center of attraction. Maybe after reading this post, you could use some of the lines you’ve learnt and get that special someone to notice you. You can never tell!

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Best Baseball Jokes You Should Try

Everybody loves baseball and that makes these clever baseball puns so good. Have a scroll to the list that we have prepared for you! Share these jokes about baseball with your families and friends.

Why do they play baseball games at night?

Because the bats are asleep during the day.

A man leaves home, makes three left turns and is on his way back home when he notices two men in masks waiting for him. Who are they?

They’re the catcher and umpire.

What has 18 legs and catches flies?

A baseball team

why are baseball players rich?

Because they play on diamonds.

What Position does the Kool-Aid man play?

Relief pitcher

Why do RV mechanics make good baseball players?

Because they know how to make a home run.

Keep calm… I’m an outfielder. I’ll catch you.

Keep calm... I'm an outfielder. I'll catch you.

Whats the difference between a rain barrel and bad fielder?

One catches drops, the other drops catches

Funny Baseball Jokes for Kids

Knock Knock

Who there?

Tess me.

Who’s Tess me?

Tess me the baseball.

Jack: What do you call a winged insect that hits home runs?

Anne: I have no idea.

Jack: A fly swatter.

Kent: What did the baseball glove say to the ball?

Henry: I’m stumped.

Kent: “Catch ya later!”

Chris: What’s the umpire’s least favorite Star Wars movie?

Jane: I have no idea

Chris: the Umpire Strikes Back

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Matthew: why is a baseball stadium the coolest place to be?

Noe: Why?

Matthew: Because it is full of fans

why is a baseball stadium the coolest place to be

What is the best advice to give a young baseball player?

If you don’t succeed at first, try second base.

Why is a baseball umpire like an angry chicken?

Because they both have fowl mouths

What do you get when you cross a baseball pitcher with a carpet

A throw rug

Why was the mummy sent into the game as a pinch hitter?

Because the manager knew that once he did that, the game would be all wrapped up

Why did the sausage quit playing baseball?

Because he was the wurst on his team.

Never hit the ump.

The Umpire Strikes Back.

What do you call a monkey that wins the World Series?

A chimpion.

Brain Teasing Baseball Jokes

What goes all the way around the baseball field but never moves?

The fence.

What’s the difference between a pickpocket and an umpire?

One steals watches and one watches steals.

Why is Yankee Stadium the coolest place to be?

It’s full of fans

What are the rules for zebra baseball?

Three stripes and you’re out.

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What animal plays the best baseball?

A bat!

What animal plays the best baseball

Why don’t baseball players join unions?

Because they don’t like to be called out on strikes.

I kept wondering why Baseball was becoming more popular as a sport. Then it hit me

What does the base ball gloves say to the ball?

Catch ya later!

What famous Greek might have invented baseball?


Did you know that spiders are good baseball players?

That’s because they are good fly catchers.

What do you get when you cross a tree with a baseball player?

Babe Root

When should baseball players wear armor?

When they’re playing knight games.

What is a hitter’s favorite thing about going to the park?

The Swings

What does a  ballplayer do when his eyesight starts going bad?

He gets a job as the umpire.

Did you hear the joke about the baseball?

It will leave you in stitches

What goes around a baseball field but never moves?

The fence

Which baseball player holds water?

The pitcher

Why didn’t Robin choose a career as a baseball player?

He forgot to buy a bat, man.

Why did the baseball player shut down his website?

Because he wasn’t getting any hits.

Why did the baseball player bring a pacifier to the game?

He wanted to play like a babe

What do baseball players eat on?

Home plates

Where do baseball players go for a new uniform?

New Jersey

When should baseball players wear armor?

When they play knight games

The pitcher really had a good control today…

Didn’t miss a bat for three innings!

The pitcher really had a good control today

Adult Baseball Jokes

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I saw a giant mouse so I tried killing it with a baseball bat

So now I have a lifetime ban from Disneyland

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The term catcher is politically incorrect.

I prefer wide pitch tamer.

What’s the difference between a baby and a royals fan?

The boy stops whining after a while

Why are club fans bad in bed?

They come up short and they finish early.

Why don’t orphans play baseball?

Because they don’t know where home is.

How do you determine the age of Yankees fans?

Cut them open and count the rings.

How many Odor’s does it take to jerk off a minor?

One to jerk him off and another to punch Jose Bautista in the face.

Did you hear that joke about the pop fly?

Forget it. It’s way over your head

Did you hear that joke about the pop fly

Cheesy Baseball Jokes

Want to throw some punchlines? Check out these dirty baseball jokes and baseball puns one liners that you have compiled for you!

Why is it so hard to steal third base?

Because you have to go through a short stop.

Why did the police officer rush to the baseball game?

Because someone stole second base!

Whoops, I thought you said Orel Hershiser

When he pops one up, he really pops one up

And she said, ‘how do you get it to curve like that?’

Holy Cow, I can’t believe it. Another trip to the mound.

The last time I caught fungoes, I was in Mexico

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Just pretend you’re Bill Buckner, let it go between your legs

It’s not a Louisville Slugger, but keep choking up

So his wife says, ‘It’s not a Ball Park Frank, but it plumps when I cook it’

That’s the biggest strike zone I’ve ever seen

That's the biggest strike zone I've ever seen

Final Run: The Summary

Congratulations! with these, you will get even the toughest baseball fans to crack. You can memories these and customize them in your own way so they come off as unique and special. in the end, its all about the love for the sport and the laughter it brings. so raise your cup of beer or juice and laugh to your heart’s content.

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