easy riddles with answers

57 Easy Riddles With Answers for Kids

From seemingly impossible brain-teasers to seasonal puzzles, people of all ages love a good riddle.

Children love to find the answers to things, and the best riddles engage them in a fun way – which is why they love them so much.  Little riddles are great for kids who are easily distracted as concentration and reasoning skills are developed when the answer to a riddle isn’t always as simple as it first appears.

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These hard, not-so-hard, and easy riddles for kids will provide hours of enjoyment, whilst also challenging their brains.

Hilarious Easy Riddles With Answers

Can you guess the answers to these simple riddles for kids that have been at the top of the list of favorite children’s songs for decades? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these simple yet awesome proverbs that will make anyone think. A great question can make for some interesting jokes. Don’t you believe it? Check out this list and see for yourself.

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If you throw a white stone into the Red sea, what happens to it?
Answer: It gets wet.

If you throw a white stone into the Red sea, what happens to it Answer It gets wet.

My name is Railey. I changed my name to Corby. Then I changed it to John. And then I changed it to Colin and then I was called Arthur. What is my name?
Answer: His name is still Railey as he starts with this statement, the rest of the names are in the past.

What will grow bigger the more you end up taking away from it?
Answer: A hole.

In a one-storied pink house, everything in the house is pink in color. The lamp, the floor, the sofa, the TV and the kitchen too. So what color are the stairs?
Answer: It is a one-storied house so it has no stairs.

A pair of tomatoes were crossing the road when a car squashed one of them. What was the squashed tomato reborn as?
Answer: Ketchup.

A girl was born in 1976, and today is her seventh birthday. How is it possible?
Answer: The girl was born in hospital room number 1976.

It has a head at night but nothing in the morning, what is it?
Answer: A pillow

How can you make a tissue dance?
Answer: You put a boogie on it.

How can you make a tissue dance Answer You put a boogie on it.

I have a bottom at the top. What am I?
Answer: Legs.

How can a leopard change its spots?
Answer: By standing in a different place.

David’s parents have three sons. Two are called Snap and Crackle. What is the third son called?
Answer: David.

If you take one apple from a pile of nine apples, how many apples would you have?
Answer: The one apple you took.

What has 13 hearts but no organs?
Answer: A deck of playing cards.

What has 13 hearts but no organs Answer A deck of playing cards.

What gets wetter the more it dries?
Answer: A towel.

What has four legs but can’t walk?
Answer: A table.

I have bark but I do not bite. What am I?
Answer: A tree.

What has to be broken before you can use it?
Answer: An egg.

What has to be broken before you can use it Answer An egg.

If two’s a company, and three’s a crowd, what are four and five?
Answer: Nine.

There’s a word in the dictionary that is spelled incorrectly. Which word is it?
Answer: Incorrectly.

What goes up but never down?
Answer: Age.

What goes up but never down Answer Age.

Which football player has the biggest helmet on a team?
Answer: The one with the biggest head.

My pants pocket is empty, but it has something in it; what?
Answer: A hole.

The more of this there is, the less you can see. What is it?
Answer: Darkness.

The more of this there is, the less you can see. What is it Answer Darkness.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; how do you spell it?
Answer: I T.

Name the invention that helps you look through walls.
Answer: Windows.

Jack rode into town on Friday. Two days later he rode home from town on Friday. How is that possible?
Answer: His horse is called Friday.

What can you catch, but you sure cannot throw it back?
Answer: A cold.

A butcher was 5.6″, what does he weigh?
Answer: He weighs meat, that is his profession.

What does absolutely everything end in?
Answer: The letter G.

What does absolutely everything end in Answer The letter G.

What is in common between the letter T and an island?
Answer: They both are situated in the middle of the water.

What goes around the world but can always be found in the corner?
Answer: A stamp.

How do you get the violin to laugh?
Answer: You tell the violin a fiddle riddle.

I am a word with more than 100 letters in it. What am I?
Answer: The post office.

I am a word with more than 100 letters in it. What am I Answer The post office.

What is made of holes but can hold water?
Answer: Sponge.

What happens when you close your eyes?
Answer: You won’t know because you can’t see.

Math Riddles For Kids

Improve your reasoning skills with these mathematical puzzles. Here are several puzzles and puzzles of problem-solving for children.

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What can you place between 5 and 6 to make the outcome bigger than 5 but less than 6?
Answer: A decimal, the result will be 5.6, bigger than 5, and less than 6.

It is a 3-digit number; the 2nd digit is four times bigger than the 3rd digit, and the first digit is three lower than the 2nd digit. What is the number?
Answer: 141.

Two ducks lay 3 eggs in 3 minutes. Consider this as the maximum possible speed; how many ducks will be needed to get 300 eggs in 300 minutes?
Answer: 2 ducks.

This is a number that is more than 4 and less than 8. And 1 more than the fingers you have in your one hand. Can you help me find the number?
Answer: 5.

If two is a twin and three is a triplet. What are 4 and 5?
Answer: 9.

If two is a twin and three is a triplet. What are 4 and 5 Answer 9.

Which statement is correct: “Eight and six are fifteen” or “Eight and six are fifteen”?
Answer: None of them are correct: 8+6=14.

If it is raining at midnight, the weather forecast says that tomorrow and the next day will be clear. Will it be sunny weather in 48 hours?
Answer: No, in 48 hours, it will again be dark outside, so no sunny weather.

What would you be able to put between 7 and 8 to make the result greater than 7 but less than 8?
Answer: The decimal – is 7.8, It is greater than 7 and less than 8.

These are 3 different numbers that give the same result when added together and multiplied together. What are these numbers?
Answer: 1,2,3. 1+2+3= 6 and 1×2×3=6.

Mrs. Jamie has 6 sons, and each of them has a sister. What is the total number of kids Mrs. Jamie have?
Answer: 7 because the brothers have just one sister in common.

Can you find a way in which you get 23 using only the number 2?
Answer: Use fractions, 22+2/2=23.

Can you find a way in which you get 23 using only the number 2 Answer Use fractions, 22+22=23.

If a boy is 9 years old and his father is 47, can you find out how old his father will be when he is 21?
Answer: 59.

If there are six oranges in a basket and you took four, how many do you have?
Answer: Four, you have four, you took four, and two are still in the basket.

It is an odd digit number, but when you remove one letter, it becomes even. What is the number?
Answer: Seven.

Abel bought a rooster for laying eggs, and if Abel expects to obtain four eggs per day for breakfast, how many eggs will Abel have after four weeks?
Answer: None; rooster does not lay eggs.

A plane crashed brutally with just a few survivors. It landed on the India-Pakistan border. Where did they bury the survivors?
Answer: No one buries the survivors.

If a red house is made of red bricks and a yellow house is made with yellow bricks, then what will a greenhouse be made of?
Answer: If you answered green brick, then you fell for this riddle, a greenhouse is made of glass!

When things go wrong, what can you always count on?
Answer: Your fingers.

When things go wrong, what can you always count on Answer Your fingers.

There are 100 houses in the neighborhood where Sam and his brother live. Sam’s house number is the reverse of his brother’s house number. The difference between their house numbers ends with. What are their house numbers?
Answer: 19 and 91.

Multiply this digit with any other number; you will get the same answer every time. What is the number?
Answer: 0.

How many times could you subtract the number 10 from 100?
Answer: Only 1 time; once you minus 10 from 100, it will not be 100 anymore.

This one-digit number is more than 3 and less than 9. It is the number of sides in 2 triangles. Can you find out the number?
Answer: 6.


Stupid jokes like these are sometimes our dumb ones who try to think there is a valid answer when in reality sometimes they are just silly jokes but still funny. These silly proverbs also take the form of “who am I?” Confusion makes you wonder whether you know or not. For example, solve this: once you get to know me, you think you know something and achieve it, but when you don’t, you feel stupid. What am I? You can rack your brain for the answer, but the answer is simple: it’s an answered riddle!

If you are looking for a fun adventure of puzzles that sometimes come with their answers, then go ahead!

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